FAQ For Current Tenants

How do I inform you about a repair problem with the property?
Please call our office at (312) 829-2273 and explain in detail the problem you are experiencing. You may also leave a voice message along with a contact phone number so that our repair people can call you back. All repairs will be handled in the order received. Some repairs will require owner authorization prior to any repair. Should a repair problem be caused by the tenant, the repair costs will be charged to the tenant.

I will be late in paying rent this month, what will happen?
As you know, rent is due on the 1st day of each month in accordance to your rental agreement. Thereafter it is considered delinquent. Timely payment of rent is based on when our office receives your rent and not when you mailed it. Upon delinquent rent, you will be assessed a late fee per your rental agreement. You will need to contact our office and speak with your property manager to make arrangements for paying your rent.

How do I give notice that I am leaving the property?
Per your Lease Agreement, you are required to give notice, in writing, at least 30 Days in advance, telling us that you wish to leave. The 30 Day period will commence the date our office receives your notice in writing. A written notice is required for all residents with Lease Agreements as well. Our office will confirm with you by sending an Acknowledgment Letter by mail, with the termination date and balance of rent. A pre-move out inspection will also be scheduled up to two weeks prior to your move-out or it can be waived by the tenant. A verbal notice or voice mail message is not acceptable since that is not considered to be in writing.

I must break the Lease Agreement, what will happen?
Your Lease is a binding agreement and you are responsible for all the rent during that period. Please call our office immediately and speak with a property manager to discuss your situation. In some instances, we may be able to find another tenant for the property with your cooperation.

I would like to re-sign another Lease, what am I supposed to do?
Approximately 60 days from when your Lease Agreement is due, please notify our office that you wish to re-sign another Lease. Upon owner approval, we will honor your request and send you a Lease Extension Agreement for all parties to sign and date.

I am having trouble with our neighbor, what can I do?
We suggest speaking with your neighbors a few times to solve this matter. If that does not seem to work, we suggest writing a letter to them as well and contacting the association, if any. Thereafter if the problem persists, we will be glad to write a letter on your behalf. If no significant improvement has occurred then, we suggest you contact the local police department or sooner for this matter. If all else fails, you may wish to seek legal counsel for further advice.

How do we remove a person on the Lease or add person to the Lease Agreement?
Call our office and speak with your property manager. Explain the situation in detail. When removing a person from the Lease, we will need to discuss the qualifications of the remaining person(s) on the Lease, disposition of the security deposits and any legal ramifications. If you wish to add a person onto the Lease Agreement, we will require a completed and signed application by the new person and then we will seek approval by the property owner.

Can we paint a room?
Please call our office and speak with your property manager about your wish and details of painting a room. With the owner’s approval, you will be able to paint your room providing the cost and labor is paid for by the tenant. Upon vacating the property, the tenant will need to repaint the room back to its original or neutral color.

Can we change the locks?
No. If you need your locks changed for any reason, please contact our office. Management will change the locks for you. If the locks need to be changed for personal reasons (not for a repair), the cost will be charged to the tenant.

The smoke detector is chirping, what is that?
Most likely the battery in the smoke detector needs to be replaced. It is usually a 9-Volt battery you can purchase at any store.

Who is responsible for changing the air filter?
You the tenant should change the air filter at least every other month to insure proper air flow. This will help the air conditioning and heating units to run more efficiently and save you money.

My electricity is not working in one part of the house or room?
What may have happened is that you could have tripped the electrical breaker. You may have simply overloaded the circuit breaker by having too many items plugged in and drawing electricity all at the same time. First, check the reset button on your (GFCI) electrical plug in the bathroom(s), kitchen or often in the garage. These two buttons are black and red and located in the middle of your electrical plug. Press the reset button. If that does not work, next go outside to the electrical panel, lift open the metal cover plate and see which of your electrical breakers may have tripped. Usually the electrical breaker that has tripped is slightly off alignment than all other breakers. Simply turn the breaker switch off towards the opposite direction and then immediately back on again. Now, all your breaker switches should be aligned and hopefully your power is restored. If your electricity in the house is still off, then call our office and report this problem. We may ask you to re-try these same steps again.

We don’t have a pet but are considering one now, what do we do?
Most likely your original Lease Agreement will state whether pets are allowed on the property. If your Lease indicates no pets allowed, we respect that you will honor the terms of the Lease.

How long does it take to receive my security deposit back after I have moved?
30 – 45 Days from after completion of your tenancy. Any costs involved to replacing owner’s personal property, tenant damages, cleaning, grounds clean up, painting, unpaid rent, utilities, late fees or anything else that may be needed to restore the property, will be deducted from your security deposit in accordance to the terms of your rental agreement. Any damages exceeding the security deposit will be charged to the tenant.

If you have further questions, please contact our office at (312) 829-2273 during normal business hours so we can further assist you. If this is an after-hours emergency, you may call our 24 hour emergency number (800)627-9156. In addition, please leave a separate message in our general voice mail as well. Thank you.